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De-Met Product Prototyping

De-Met Prototype Product Example

Here at De-Met we specialise in delivering complete sheet metal and general fabrication solutions to clients from the widest possible range of sectors. Our design and manufacturing facilities include highly specialised processes such as welding, high precision laser cutting and press braking, and the fact that every aspect of each project is delivered in-house means that we can monitor the quality of the finished result through every stage of delivery.

Prototype Precision and Engineering Quality

We’re equally at home delivering bulk batches of small items as we are working on large scale projects or vital components for industries such as the automotive sector. In all cases we offer our clients the vital option of working in partnership with them to create a prototype of the item they want to have manufactured.

The partnership which we enter into with our clients is based on a complete understanding of their requirements and the sector in which they work combined with our ability to draw on the experience and the expertise of hand-picked team of technicians, designers and engineers. No matter what stage of a project the client has reached when they first come to us we can work with them to turn that idea into a prototype. Whether they bring detailed drawings, an initial brief or just a vague idea, we can consult with them to deliver a prototype that meets their requirements.


A well-engineered prototype can play a vital role in a project. If done properly it can demonstrate proof of concept, highlight any issues which need to be modified or corrected and enable the client to ascertain whether a proposed solution represents a value for money answer. The precision and engineering quality required of a prototype is exactly the kind of standard which the team at De-Met always work to.

Can we turn your ideas into reality?

Our experience and the range of processes we excel at means that we can advise the client in regard to what it would take to turn their prototype into a functioning component. The fact that we can offer everything from laser cutting to press braking, welding and fabrication means that we can deliver any prototype, no matter how complex, on time and within budget. Once the prototype itself has been signed off the team at De-Met can work with the client to refine it and fine-tune any details of the design which need tweaking, before delivering the solution as a one-off item or repeating the same design multiple times as part of a large scale batch order.

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