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De-Met Design Support Services

Clients from a wide range of sectors work with De-Met time and time again because they know that we can offer the complete service. We’ve been working in the highly specialised field of sheet metal and general fabrication since 1998, and in that time, we’ve invested in our facilities and our workforce so that both can fairly be described as state of the art.

Design Support & Consultation

The fact that we offer a complete solution means that we can guarantee the quality of every aspect of a large-scale project, and it also underscores the excellence of the design service which we provide.

We utilise an expansive team of outsourced design specialists to help support the design phase of a project, the solutions provided are based on our in-depth working knowledge of the techniques and methods which will be needed to deliver those solutions. Whether a design calls for laser cutting, press braking or welding, we can make it happen in-house, and the same applies to finishing techniques such as powder coating.

The in-house expertise we have in all of these disciplines feeds back into the design process at every stage. Because we know how to deliver the results on a practical basis, we know exactly what will or won’t work at the design stage. In addition to functionality and practicality, we can also provide design support for value, using our experience of the full manufacturing process to support design decisions which will bring costs down and deliver a value for money result without impacting negatively on the quality of the finished item.

The technology we utilise enables us to create fully detailed CAD drawings which can then be used to programme our integrated MRP system – feeding directly into equipment such as CNC laser cutters and press brakes. We can also work with client drawings such as DXF and DWG file formats, to create more detailed plans or to improve on the initial idea on the basis of our experience of what doesn’t and doesn’t work in practice.

Whether a client needs design support for a prototype component or a standard item such as a shelf bracket, or separate parts of an industrial lock, our experts will work in close partnership with each client to develop a solution which delivers exactly what they are looking for.

Once the design itself has been completed we’ll be able to consult further on the time-scale involved in turning the design into a finished product, the materials needed and exactly how much it would cost. Our clients also know that if they work with us to turn the design we’ve created into a finished product then every stage of the process will be delivered by a member of the De-Met team committed to the De-Met ethos of excellence, value for money and the highest quality.

If you’d like to find out more about the Services or Design Support that De-Met could offer you then please get in touch with us today. Our team of experts will be happy to explain the details of our individual services and of the end-to-end service we can provide if needed. Telephone us now on +44 (0) 1384 457959, email us at or fill in a contact form here.

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