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We do things differently

We supply a complete, start to finish solution... a mid to high volume, high quality, single source, sheet metal and general fabrication & assembly solution that works for you.

DE-MET Steel Sheet Fabrication

The complete collection of end-to-end capabilities all under one roof

From press brake and laser cutting to powder coating & assembly, De-Met use a large collection of precise machinery and experienced staff to provide an offering for virtually every sector.

Exactly what you need

Bulk buying benefits without the problems. Optimise your cash flow and make better use of your facilities floor space. Your products, on demand, with JIT and call off facilities, feel supported with DE-MET

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Quality in all forms is key

“I would recommend De-Met to anyone that requires a high volume of multiple products to be finished, assmbled and delivered on time to a high standard.

It’s quite amazing how many different offerings they have, they’ve helped my business by taking my initial concepts and turning them into complete, finished peices”

Chris, S Smith C.W.Refridgeration LTD

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