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De-Met Part Assembly Services

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The versatility offered by De-Met and our Part Assembly Service means that we can offer everything our clients are looking for, from an individual bespoke prototype of a component through to large scale batch orders of multiple parts. The versatile nature of our offering means that we can take a project from initial brief, consult on a completed design, and then use that design as the basis of manufacture. As well as providing the versatility we’ve established since 1998 - working in sheet metal and general fabrication, we can guarantee that every aspect of each project will be delivered with the De-Met ethos of excellence, value and quality.

Creating the finished Product

We work in genuine partnership with our clients, combining our understanding of their sector with our own expertise to consult closely on how best to deliver the results they are looking for. Whether a project needs welding, laser cutting, press braking or milling we can make it happen, and finishing processes such as polishing and powder coating mean that the finished items can be visually pleasing as well as functional if that’s what the client needs.

Our assembly facility is the culmination of the many different processes we offer. Whether the client comes to us with the pre-machined parts they need, or a plan to manufacture those parts, assembly is the point at which multiple components can be combined to create a finished item. If we’re working from an initial plan we can create the separate components needed through processes such as welding, press braking and laser cutting.


No matter what techniques are involved the client can be assured that the equipment used will be state of the art, taking advantage of technology such as CAD drawing, MRP project management and CNC machining to deliver with complete accuracy no matter how tight the deadline is or how many units of an individual item are required for an order.

The best equipment is combined with an expert team who have been delivering bespoke sheet metal fabrication for more than 16 years, and this experience is bolstered by constant training to ensure that the techniques being used are the latest and the best.

Can we help with part assembly?

The fact that we work on all aspects of a part assembly project and can manufacture the individual items if needed means that we can design and manufacture throughout with final assembly in mind. We can consult with the client on tweaks and modifications to a design which will make final assembly more efficient, quicker and less expensive, and then undertake that assembly with the same quality and excellence we bring to all the work we do.

If you’d like to find out more about what De-Met could offer you then get in touch with us today. Our team of experts will be happy to explain the details of our individual services and the end-to-end service we can provide if needed. Telephone us now on +44 (0) 1384 457959, email us at or fill in a contact form here.

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