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De-Met Consultancy Services

De Met Consultancy

Here at De-Met we’ve been working in close partnership with each and every client since 1998.

The nature of this partnership means that we operate as an extension of the client’s business, understanding exactly what they need and using the range and excellence of our facilities to make it happen. In simple terms, we put our success and the sheer range of clients we attract down to two things – the investment we make in state of the art equipment and the fact that this equipment is operated by an in-house team of De-Met experts.

Working in Close Partnership

Our commitment to working in close partnership with each client is reflected in the consultancy service which we provide. No matter what stage of a project a client has reached when they come to De-Met, we can consult on what they need to do to achieve the results which they are looking for and how we could work with them to make it happen.

In some cases a client may come to us with only a very vague idea of what they need. When this happens we can call on our vast experience of working across the widest possible range of sectors to offer advice on the solutions which are needed for the problems they are facing.


The range of services that we offer – from welding and press braking to laser cutting and powder coating – means that we can successfully consult on virtually every type of product. Whether you’re attempting to create the prototype for an innovative engineering solution or manufacture smaller components to be assembled at a later date, we can consult on the techniques needed, the time the project will take and how to maximise value and minimise costs. It doesn’t matter whether the project is large or small, functional or aesthetic, we can help turn your ideas into a reality.

Our combination of state of the art equipment and a committed team of expert operatives means that we can point every client firmly in the direction of a result which delivers their requirements in a high quality, value for money manner.

We're expert Consultants

Whatever challenges might arise during the progress of a project we can be sure to have experienced them in the past and be able to explain exactly how to get past them.

If you’d like to find out more about what De-Met could offer you then get in touch with us today. Our team of experts will be happy to explain the details of our individual services and the end-to-end service we can provide if needed. Telephone us now on +44 (0) 1384 457959, email us at enquiries@de-met.co.uk or fill in a contact form here.

Call us today on +44(0) 1384 457 959 email us at enquiries@de-met.co.uk to discuss what DE-MET can do for you, alternatively, get in-touch below